Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM !!

Today is my Mom's Birthday !!!!!!

I just wanta wish her a very Happy one !!!

Happy 75 yrs old !!

Mom has been through a lot and I have learned so much from her. I just wanta say we all love you !!!!

Happy Birthday !!!

My Mom loves Winnie the Pooh and friends !!!!!!

And every year my Dad would buy Mom pink roses. I know Dad is looking down from Heaven smiling today !!!

So this is for you MOM !!

Just wish we were all together to party !!!

Next year we will be there for your birthday !!!

{{HUGS}} and Love Ya

The Croley Gang !!!!!!!

God Bless


Holly said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Kristie said...

I hope your mom has a wonderful birthday! :-)

Trennia said...

Happy 75th Birthday to your mom!!!

That corgi :) said...

Happy birthday to your mom!! that was sweet that your dad always gave her pink roses; hopefully next year you'll be able to give her a bouquet of them in person :)


Sarita Boyette said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom and I hope her snakes are all gone!
I enjoyed the little story about you, Jennifer, & the cake mix. Nothing like making sweet memories with your children!

Jingle said...

Happy Belated birthday to your Mom.
what lovely post for her,
U Rock!

Just Breathe said...

Hope she had a wonderful day.
Happy Birthday Mom.

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