Friday, March 18, 2011

WooHoo Friday

So very thankful and Happy it's Friday !!!!!!

But there is a extra reason I'm happy .......

Today is the last day of school for the children. The kids are so ready too.
Time for our three week break , nothing special planned just taking a break together. Hoping for some good weather that maybe we can enjoy the park a little. I do know that we are supposed to get a snowstorm tonight and tomorrow , hoping winter is soon over. No matter what we will have a good time TOGETHER !!!!!

We go back April 11th but I'm sure like everything else in life it will go fast.

Have a wonderful Friday !!!


Kristin said...

Hope they enjoy their break! :)

That corgi :) said...

how fun!! enjoy those carefree days on your break!


Sarita Boyette said...

Hope you all have lots of fun during the break! xoxo

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is great news, enjoy the break!

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