Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Already - 22 Months

Wow this morning as I was looking at the calender , I thought today Little Miss Carly is 22 months. I guess with Ridge's birthday it sorta slipped my mind since there is only 28 days & her number is the 29th.

Anyway .........

Carly is doing great , loves books and to be read too. Watches a lot of Nick Jr but I'm sorry I think she learns so much from it. I know that she loves Dora and she is trying to answer the questions now. I love it. She also loves Fresh Beat Band & Dino Dan really all of it. I also love that she is trying to say so many words from the shows & yes even a lot of spanish. Yay !!!

My last WIC appt was a month ago and Carly was right where she should be. It was there they told me for her age she should only watch no more than two hrs of TV a day. She doesn't sit in front of it all day anyway. She is very active. Anyway I'm the parent not them and the others have turned out great so I'm not going to stress about it.

I took this picture at Ridge's party last night and yes Carly loved the Choc cake , can't you tell ????

Happy 22 months Little Miss Carly !!! Our precious Rainbow !!



Trennia said...

Happy 22 months Carly!

Kristin said...

It is true....they learn so much from these shows these days. Lily was always saying stuff and I would be like, how did she know that?! I love the Leap Frog videos too, for teaching them their letters and numbers. They are great!

That corgi :) said...

she does look like she likes the cake!! Happy 22 months Carly!! Soon you will be celebrating the big 2!!

I think if one is careful with what the kids are watching on TV, then watching TV is good for learning and language development. But if they are exposed to things they shouldn't be (and I know that is not the case at your house, Caroline) that it potentially could be bad. And of course if one just sits and watches TV all day and doesn't get any exercise, that is a not healthy thing either. I think you have the right balance!


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