Sunday, March 13, 2011

~ Spring Forward ~

Well last nite before bed we changed our clocks to ~ Spring Forward ~

Carly did good this morning getting up but tonite it took her a little longer to go to sleep. So I guess we shall see if tomorrow is any better. Last year she didn't have much of a problem so I don't really think she will. She still sleeeps all night so that makes me happy.

I love the time change staying daylight longer !!! Yay before you know it summer will be here. I'm actually looking forward to staying light longer taking a walk after supper is always good. I can't wait til it gets warmer too. Yay !!!!!!!



stitchndeb said...

I agree, the lighter the better! I love summer. My husband wants to start taking short walks after dinner with one of our "heavy" dogs. ~Debbie

That corgi :) said...

It is hard for the little ones until they adjust their schedules to the time change. I remember when I used to volunteer in the nursery at church, that Sunday of the time change was always challenging since the kids' schedules were all off. But I agree with you; the light at night is such a definite plus!!


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