Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~ Project 365 - Day 67 ~

This was on the wall in my daughter's classroom yesterday. It's so true sometimes it seems like children are pushed to go fast when some may need that extra help. Being a child is a journey ..... not a race. It made me smile to see this in her classroom.


That corgi :) said...

that is a great quote!! you are right, Caroline, we do rush them sometimes, don't we? Sometimes it is just wise to stop and enjoy the journey along the way indeed!


Linda said...

I grew up fast and had to take on responsible to help my mom who only had one arm...and we had no father in the home. I didn't mind helping, and I loved my mother very much...but I always knew that things were hard for her in so many ways, and I always wanted to make things better for her.

So when I had children I always wanted them to really enjoy being a kid, and not have too many extra burdens at their young ages.

Aside from that I do think that tv, movies, peer pressure, etc., cause children to think that they have to grow up too quickly these days.

Childhood and innocence leave too soon and you can never return to that place of safety.

That sign from your daughters classroom makes me smile too. Being a child is a journey...not a race! I 100 percent agree!

Thanks for sharing Caroline.

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