Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy List Saturdays # 3

A Big Yay for my sweet friend Natasha for starting this Happy List Saturday. I know that looking at what all makes you happy can give you just that extra boost. So I'm writing down what has made me happy this past week.

I was happy to see some beautiful spring flowers poppin up out of the ground. I love spring but yesterday we got about six inches of snow. I'm still happy cuz I know it's just around the corner.

I'm happy for my kids being home. We have had some fun times this past week. The week went fast. Two more weeks of break left , Yay !!!!

I'm happy No More Shots for Carly until she is four yrs old. !!!!! Yay !!
She did great at her appt ~ No Tears this time.

Soapnet makes me happy ~ I blog or am on Facebook after everyone has gone to bed. My quiet time just relaxing.

Homemade Chili makes me happy.

Going to a craft store makes me happy. I could spend all day there.

Going to leave you with this.

A good friend made it for me and when I think of the sun shining ~ I think of this.

So I'm inviting all of you to link up and let's see what made you Happy.

Have a wonderful weekend !!!


Melissa said...

I agree! Yay for the Happy List! Such a great idea she came up with! Great list, my kiddos are on Sping break also and I so dread to see school start back again :(. Happy Saturday to you!

P.S. Fed Ex some chili my way! Yum!

Natasha said...

Love your list mama!!! I LOVE going to the craft store and I get in sooooooooo much trouble in there!!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!


Kristin said...

I love the craft store too! I can't believe y'all got snow again. :)

New Year Mum said...

Love spring flowers... they bring so much hope and happiness with them :)) xoxo

That corgi :) said...

that is such a cute tag your friend made! so bright and sunny, just like you!!

yea no more shots for Carly for a few years!! By then she'll understand it more (although of course they will still hurt)

sounds like lots of happy wonderful things this week!!


Sarita Boyette said...

Thanks for sharing! I love that Carly won't have shots for a while! I love homemade chili and craft stores, and the kids being home, too. xoxo

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