Monday, April 11, 2011

Three Weeks Done / Normal Life Again

Well the three weeks are up and life is back to the normal school days.
Backpacks were packed along with lunches.........
Kids were excited to go back see friends , learn more and just have fun.

Last week the kids had become bored w/being home. Jennifer told me she missed her teachers to. I know the other ones did too.

So off and out the door they went this morning happy , cheerful and excited for the first day back. I have to say I was too. I love them being home but that's what I love about this year round school yr. Three weeks at there age is just enough.
Even though as I sit here and type I miss them. The house is quiet almost except for Carly and her noise plus the TV. I'm also excited to get back to walking everyday. Getting Carly out in the fresh air. It's about a mile to there school from our home. So I get a easy two miles in everyday. Paul drops them off in the mornings before work.
Can't wait til 3pm this afternoon and hear all that chatter and sweet sounds of school again.


That corgi :) said...

Hope they had a good first day back! I honestly think this is such a good schedule for them; they never really have a chance to get too bored at home nor too tired being at school without having that 3-week break! Glad it works for you all!


Sarita Boyette said...

That three weeks seemed to go by fast - I remember you mentioning it when it started. I know you were so glad to see your schoolkids this afternoon. xoxo

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