Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy List Saturdays # 7

A Big Yay for my sweet friend Natasha for starting this Happy List Saturday. I know that looking at what all makes you happy can give you just that extra boost. So I'm writing down what has made me happy this past week.

I'm late I have had a busy week but it was a good one. So here is some of my Happiness.

Awards Day ~ What wouldn't make you happy all three of my school children got honor roll awards , perfect attendance and good citizenship. A HUGE HAPPY !!!!!

Volunteering ~ I volunteered at my children's school for one day. I had fun getting to do things w/children. Did some work for the teachers. Just makes me feel so good.
Anytime I get the chance I Love It.

Grocery Shopping - It makes me happy when I can catch some great deals especially when feeding our gang. This week I saved $77.15. I must say I was jumpin for joy. It is so tough to shop cause everything is so expensive , no matter how much money you make.

Easter - This season of Spring makes me Happy. I'm happy for the real reason for Easter. That Jesus died on the cross so that if we believe , we will live forever in Heaven w/ him. No pain , No sadness , No hurt , No Grief , Just lots of happiness and love for one another. So even though there is all that candy and baskets and egg hunts , the promise of Heaven makes me Happy. I only wish it was tomorrow so I could be w/my children and other loved ones.

Rainbow Baby - A dear sweet friend from Facebook gave birth to her Rainbow Baby this week. I was over the moon so Happy for her and her family. God is so Good !!!


Have a wonderful weekend !!!


Sarita Boyette said...

Wonderful happy list! Love that you children all got awards. Hooray for saving at the store! The pictures you have posted are great - the water among the rocks and your girls at the park. Happy Easter!xoxo

That corgi :) said...

Yea to the kids for their good work at school!! I think it is neat you do volunteer Caroline; everyone appreciates it so much from the teachers to the students, to your child and of course us moms always like to help out when we can! Saving money at the store is good these days! You are right, things are expensive!!

So thankful too for the gift of salvation through Jesus our Lord!

Happy Easter!


New Year Mum said...

Such a gorgeous list... hope you all had a lovely Easter full of love, family and happiness :)) xoxo

Raquel said...

So glad I was not the only one late with my happy list! I also love Easter season. This was the first time we had our toddler look for eggs. Amazing!!

Sending hugs your way!

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