Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nice Surprise & Spring Cleaning & A Tumble

Yesterday I wanted to finish my spring cleaning. I had most of it done. It's also the last week the kids are home from break. I wanted to spend some time doing things with them before we get busy with school again. Paul usually calls me on his lunch & he did. He told me he was taking the afternoon off because they didn't have much left to do. I thought Yay !! He came home and I finished my cleaning so I'm done !!!! I'm happy !!

I had told the landlord I would take the weeds out of the flower beds also that was before I knew he was coming home early. I told him he could relax and I would take the kids outside with me since it was so nice. It was like 70 out and by Thursday they are saying SNOW. Well he decided he would help me and have Jared watch Carly. I thought that would be ok. Well Jared decided to go in the house for something and let Jennifer watch Carly. She was playing around the steps. Next think Ridge comes running and tells Dad Carly fell down three steps. There wasn't No Blood or anything but she was screaming. She wanted Mommy , well I finished and Dad took her inside. Jared also got in trouble. Whatever he was doing wasn't even important glad Paul was the one that got him. I know accidents happen but he knew better. Oh well it's over now. She played the rest of the evening , had a bath. Had trouble getting her to sleep but finally she did. Then about ten she woke up and just wanted Mommy. So Carly and I camped out in the living room last night. I think it was just No nap yesterday & her tumble. So she seems good today back to the same little girl.

So nice I got things all done and can enjoy the rest of the break. I know it's gonna go fast. Kids are ready , Ridge told me the other day he missed his friends.



That corgi :) said...

Poor Carly!! glad she is feeling better today!! I can't believe the kids break is almost over! It just seems like it started!! I do think though that they do like to be around their friends at school. That was a great surprise to have Paul come home earlier!!


Sarita Boyette said...

Poor little Carly - I'm so sorry that happened to her. Glad Paul got to come home early so you could get finished. Hope you and the kids enjoy the rest of the week!

New Year Mum said...

Poor thing... glad she's feeling better today. Enjoy the rest of their break... flying past xoxo

Holly said...

Im glad she's ok from her little tumble!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad Paul got to come home. So sorry about Carly's tumble, glad she is okay. How awesome to get all your work done!

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