Sunday, April 10, 2011

~ Project 365 - Day 100 ~

Today was a beautiful day out. Took Carly for a walk through the park. Ridge and Jennifer came along. They wanted me to take the there picture being silly. So here we are SILLY !!! I Love It !!!!!!! A Beautiful Sunday w/two silly kids I Love !!!


That corgi :) said...

I like Ridge's pose and Jennifer's smile!! great picture!


Sarita Boyette said...

Love this! Ridge looks so regal and Jennifer is so happy! xoxo

Kristie said...

Looks like it was a beautiful Spring Day! I'm glad you were able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine :-)

Linda said...

You are a wonderful mom! I am happy for your kids to have a mom like you!

I love to go to the park. And have many fun memories of my mom taking me to parks all the time when I was a kid.

Of course I also have fond memories of taking my kids and even my grandkids to the parks and school yards to play over the years.

God gave us these kids to enjoy. And also nature to appreciate. Plus fresh air and sunshine! What else does a person need? It's so good to be alive! (smile)

Love ya,

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