Monday, April 25, 2011

So Busy & A Carly Scare

I have been busy and busy. I love my job - being a Mommy , but sometimes I just need some ME time and it's been tough lately. I like to try to blog everyday cause I enjoy it. Last week was hectic....... I'm running behind on reading , hoping to catch up tonite.

I had lunch bunch three times and awards day too , last week.
Well Jennifer had a little runny nose & cough so last Monday I kept her home. It was my day to eat lunch w/her so I decided to throw it all on Wednesday the day I had to be there for awards anyway. I knew the school wouldn't mind. So I watched them all get awards which all got Honor Roll , Perfect Attendence & Citizenship. Yay Kiddos !!!! I'm always so HAPPY for them. I still find it hard to believe we are on the last quarter of school. The year is almost finished.

I had lunch that day w/ everyone which was nice. Not all at the same time everyone got there time w/ Mom , Lol.
Then after I ate with Ridge I had about a two hrs left so instead of going home. I decided to volunteer for the rest of the day in Thaniqua's class. It was fun & I enjoyed it.

I missed my Carly. I spend a lot of time w/ her being home all the time but I couldn't wait til school was out to see her. Jared watched her for the day. She was happy to see me too.

After I got home , I started dinner. Carly wanted to go out w/the kids to play. Jared took her out and after about fifteen minutes Thaniqua came in and said Carly put a BB in her mouth. She found it somewhere in the grass. We don't have one but I think a older kid must have had one. Jared had tried to get it out but she wanted to bite him. I didn't care if she bit me or not. Finally after five minutes of fighting her I won. I told Paul when he came home from work. He sorta smiled and said Carly must have missed you and wanted some time w/ Mommy. Just glad things worked out.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, that was a scare. Glad you got it. Sounds like you had a nice time at school.

Trennia said...

So glad you was able to get it out, That is very scary!
I love hearing/reading about your children congrats to them all on school awards!

That corgi :) said...

that was a scare but glad that Carly knew somehow not to swallow the BB. With four kids, Caroline, I can imagine you are always busy; always something to do or tend to. I know it is hard to get a moment for yourself; when you do, do what you want regardless of reading people's blogs. If you want to spend that time working on your blog, do so and don't worry or feel guilty; we all know how fun and challenging it is raising precious little ones!


Sarita Boyette said...

Goodness - so glad Carly didn't swallow the BB! I loved your school post,& Easter pictures and post. Looks like you all had a wonderful breakfast and egg hunt for the kids, not to mention a great service at church. xoxo

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

bless your day.


Holly said...

I'm glad she didnt' choke on it

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