Monday, January 10, 2011

~ Winter Break Over - Back to School ~

Lunches packed for the girls. Ridge usually always eats at school. He always likes what they have.

Backpacks are ready to go !!!!!!

Kids are really excited to return to school , learn , see friends and all the fun that goes on. I'm sure the teachers are excited to as they are already starting there 3rd quarter. So hard to believe. This school year is just moving along FAST !!
Jennifer even got a Thank you in the mail from her teacher the other day for the Christmas present she made. She was so happy that her teacher took the time to mail it.

There is a little something extra to be happy about , Thaniqua made the Art Club. It is from 3pm to 5pm every Monday. She loves to draw so we are excited for her.

Happy First Day Back to School from Winter Break. We sure had a blast hangin out together. Can't wait for all the stories and excitment we all enjoy. Even though Little Miss Carly will prolly wonder where everyone went again. Have a wonderful Monday !!!!!! See ya at 3pm & Thaniqua at 5pm

Love you


Trennia said...

That is awesome Art, has always been one of my favorite things too!
Exspecially when the kids bring home their very own masterpieces!
Way to go girly!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sound good, some time for you are Carly alone. Hooray for Thaniqua, she is going to love it!

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