Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our New Year's

New Year's weekend has come and gone. Wow so hard to believe it is a New Year. We didn't really do anything. We usually don't go out on New Year's your safer to stay home. Paul had to work all weekend. The end of the month they are always busy. He worked Fri 5:30 - 3pm. I made supper and then we watched some TV , played on computer and video games. Carly went to bed at 7pm like always. Jared was home to. Paul ended up going to bed about 10pm. We watched Dick Clark's Rockin Eve. Jennifer fell asleep about 11 she was trying hard to stay up. I woke her at about 11:50 so she could watch the ball drop. Kids and I went to bed right after that. We had fun cause we were all together.

New Years Day , Paul had to work again but not until noon - 4pm. The money is nice but I know he wanted to be home. We took the tree down and Carly got to help. I think she was wondering what we were doing. We had put it up while she was asleep. I made Pork Chops for supper then later we made some ice cream sundaes.

Then today I did some cleaning and put all the Christmas stuff up. Gave the kids a haircut and worked on my blog , plus tried to get caught up on reading too. I haven't felt real great the past week but today was a good day. Paul worked from 5am - 11am. So we just didn't do a whole lot but watch some football and hangout together.

Once again may 2011 bring you lots of blessings.


Sarita Boyette said...

Glad you had a nice New Year's! I loved your snow, & I love Carly's blanket - I can see why she likes it! My son was a blanket dragger - he had 3 he liked & they all had a satin binding which he held against his face. I still have those blankets, with the satin binding nearly worn off!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like our weekend, except for taking the tree down. That won't happen this week! We rang in the New Year with champagne and then went to bed. It was a quiet weekend for us, DH watched football and I blogged, watching the new OWN network from Oprah.

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