Sunday, January 2, 2011

~ Project 365 - Day 2 ~

This little blanket caused a lot of problems this morning. Last night it got a little Chilly so I used a different blanket to cover Carly up. Well during the night she must have been looking for this blanket. I got up at 3am because my hubby had to go to work. When he left I heard Carly chattering in her crib. She wanted her blanket. I never knew until today just how attached she is too it. I must say she is my only child to have a favorite Blanket. She is now a very happy little Girl.


Kristin said...

So sweet :) Lily used to be attached to her blanket.....she calls it her "B".

stitchndeb said...

Such a cute story, like Linus! ~Debbie

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