Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something Kinda Neat

My husband Paul collects all kinds of Coke stuff. He has lots of totes full of things. He even at one time used to work for them. Yesterday when Nancy brought the kids home from school , Ridge was all excited. Here she had a aluminum pop bottle. It was really neat I had never seen any before. She got it in California. So she is going back there on Monday and Tuesday so she is going to see if she can find another one. Paul would be so excited. I just thought it was kinda interesting too and thought I would share it. From what I read online last night they have been out since Feb 2008.

Have a great day
God Bless


Just Breathe said...

I know for sure that they sell lots of different bottle at the COKE store in Las Vegas. You must go sometime.

Holly said...

That's pretty interesting. Never saw those!

Trennia said...

Those are neat I never saw those before.

stitchndeb said...

Weird! First time I ever saw one. Figures it came from those kooky Californians! ~Debbie

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