Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Bits from Holiday Weekend

Well it was pretty normal other than I got to go do some shopping for the kids. We went to Burlington Coat Factory on Saturday afternoon. I haven't been to one in a long time. They had a lot of great buys and I think I'm the biggest penny pincher. Well Carly was the real reason we went. She has out grew everything and Friday I hit some of the thrift stores. I couldn't find alot. I really like buying new clothes but most of the time kids don't wear it out and I dislike paying what I would for a pair of jeans. Prices are crazy. Anyway I got Carly like 6 outfits. Wow and brand name stuff , not that it really mattered. I got Marie 2 shirts and Ridge 2 shirts and a pair of shoes for Carly. I spent $ 90 dollars. I was happy and so was Dad. He wanted me to look for something for me but I couldn't find anything I liked. Sorry , I'm not picky just nothing I wanted.

Sunday it seemed like everyone but Carly , Ridge and I had a touch of the flu bug. It was nice out so Ridge got to play outside without a coat on. Later that night Marie was really sick and the girls all share a bedroom so Carly got woke up and didn't wanta sleep in her bed so Mommy and Carly slept in the Living Room. She slept all night but her teeth are bothering her again so she is a little fussy.

Monday was Presidents Day and Paul was off of work. He ran a couple errands in the morning and Marie was starting to feel better. In the afternoon we ran to the other Walmart to see if they had any good kids clothes on sale. We have two Walmarts in this town. WOW , did they have some great sales. I got Ridge 5 pairs of shorts , Jennifer a dress and a shirt. Marie 2 skirts ( jean ones ) 2 shirts and I found a shirt I liked. Carly got to skirts and a pair of P J 's , Guess how much we spent ??????? $ 95 dollars. We did good again so everyone is set now for a while, I hope.

Everyone was in good shape today and back to school and work but it still feels like a Monday ........ Hope your weekend was good and your Tuesday is great !!!

God Bless


Trennia said...

Hope you are stay well...happy "late" valentines my friend.hope your not mad at me?
sound like you all found alot of great deals!

Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

:-) lots of great deals! glad you are feeling better...and glad that you had a good holiday weekend! <3

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