Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Already and Bits of Our Weekend

Wow , it's Monday already and it seems like where did the weekend go !!!

We were busy all weekend doing something .... it seemed like. Saturday morning we went to Best Buy to pick up our new computer. We waited til almost 11 am and they still didn't have it ready. My hubby wasn't to happy since we had bought it Thursday and decided not to pick it up until Saturday morning. They even emailed us Friday evening saying it was done....... So while we waited I took the girls and walked around. They love Rockband which we don't have so the girls decided to give it a try. They were so funny and cute !!

Girls just jammin away !!!

Later after we got the computer and fixed lunch at home. I did some laundry and helped kids get there Valentines ready for school. I don't like waiting til the last minute. Dad decided to take us out for supper , so we decided on Applebees. Ridge and Marie love steak just like there Mom , LOL. After supper we went to Borders Book Store to look for a NASCAR press guide that Paul wanted but they didn't have one. I found a couple books I wanted , " 90 minutes in Heaven " and " When GOD Turned Off the Lights ". I can't wait to start reading them when I can find some time. Then we came home and relaxed.

Super Bowl Sunday but we didn't do much. I usually always make Taco's but this year I really wasn't into the whole thing and I just fixed Pork Chops. Talked to my sister and family in Ohio. Wow they have 15 inches of snow and expect more Tuesday or Wednesday. Everyone is safe and ok , so that is good. I'm just glad to have my computer back. I don't mind sharing but I miss doing things like being able to blog when I have a chance , LOL.

Oh yes and I just have to add this, we got Carly a new High Chair. I took a picture of her while I was messing around and it turned out great !!!!

Well that's our weekend and I have a busy week once again. I also have Ridge home today wasn't feeling the best so just to be safe I kept him home. Going to finish working on his Science Fair Project !! I told him we could rap it up today. So I guess that's what I'm off to do. Have a great Monday !!!

God Bless


stitchndeb said...

We got the kids Lego Rock Band and Guitar Hero (#5?) for Christmas. The novelty wore off after a week. Glad you got your new computer and books. Carly looks really happy with her highchair! ~Debbie

Kristie said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! We're expecting to get some of the snow Ohio is getting too, but I don't think we've even got 6 inches so far all winter, so I'm kinda looking forward to a nice blanket of snow :-)

Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend.
I love going out to eat. The weekend goes by way to fast!

Trennia said...

Wow!!! You was busy! Glad your family in Ohio is fine!

Holly said...

We have guitar hero and rock band but they never get played anymore. I'd like to just get rid of them!! Glad you finally got a computer!

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