Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fun w / Mom

This post happened earlier this morning , I just have been to busy to get it posted.

Well Carly had an Appt to get her finger poked for WIC. They needed to check her iron level. So this morning we dropped off Ridge and Marie at school. Then Dad dropped Carly , Jennifer and I at the Dr's Office. He went on to work and all of us were going to catch the bus back home later.

Jennifer was so excited because after the appt we were going to Walmart and McDonald's. We got a few things we needed and then got some cinnamon rolls. Jennifer isn't a big breakfast person. So we all had a good time and Carly just loved the cinnamon rolls. Jennifer said it was a great time and it's really ok sharing time w/Mom. Just a little inside note Jennifer and I used to take the bus places during the day before I had Carly and Jennifer used to call that our special time together. I told her I'm so glad you don't mind sharing me.


stitchndeb said...

When my oldest was very young, I was a single mom and only could afford taking the bus everywhere too, and he just loved it. I think they know you're a captive audience during the ride so they talk your ear off, LOL. ~Debbie

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