Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kindness & A Science Fair Experiment

Kindness ........ I try very hard as a parent to teach my children kindness. I had kind & loving parents growing up. They were always helping someone out or I can remember my Dad saying sometimes all you have to do is smile.

I have always liked this saying ..........

Well the school had a assembly on Bullying which is everywhere. I love our school & they gave out Kindness journals for the children to keep a record over the break of different kind acts they could do or say to someone. I really like this idea.

The last week school was in I went & had lunch with the kids. Jennifer was first & when I sat down at the table this little boy told me " Jennifer is so nice to me she is smart but she helps me with my work too. " I was so very proud of her & he went on to tell me how Jennifer is the best girl in our class.

I know that Ridge & Thaniqua are good kind students at school. I never hear anything bad from anyone which makes me always feel good. I know they have there moments at home but they are still kids.

This past quarter we had science fair projects to do. Ridge & Thaniqua each had there own to complete. Well we started working on them right after Christmas. I dislike rushing so we started early deciding what we wanted to do. Thaniqua has a friend at school that doesn't get a lot of help at home so they had asked the teacher if they could do it together. She agreed but I told Thaniqua I wanted each one of them to do there own board so it would help her friend for next yr. Well it came time that they were due which was Ridge's birthday we finished ours a week early. I had her friend come & stay overnight so she could get things typed up & such. The girls had done pretty much the same thing a few little things different. I told Thaniqua no matter who wins this was something to learn from being kind to someone.

Judging was March 1st & Thaniqua came out of school & said guess what Mom my friend got honorable mention. I could see in her face she was happy but sad too. Her friend wasn't far behind & I was talking to her Mom anyway. I was so excited & so was her friend lots of hugs for both the girls. Her friend's Mom was upset that Thaniqua didn't get anything & I said its ok.

Going home from school I told Thaniqua I know you worked hard to sweetie but you know how happy she was. Last yr Thaniqua got first place & went to state with her project. I told her I'm glad we did what we did , we gave someone the chance & look it all worked out. There were no names on the boards or papers turned in so I know the judges are not from the school , so it is not like someone knew. Thaniqua's teacher wanted to have them judge Thaniqua's first but I said no I want this to be a learning lesson for her. She agreed , it was so worth it to see her friend so very happy.



Trennia said...

What you all did made a difference in that little girls life is worth more then honorable reaches far and beyond the call of duty!
Your family has such beautiful hearts...I love you guys!

Tesha said...

SO sweet....A lesson learned is always better than an honor revived. Great post!

SailorMoon said...

Wow, what an awesome thing. I'm glad the girl placed but understand the disappointment but what a good lesson this was. Love reading your blog by the way. Single mom of 3 here and it always helps to take me out of my woe is me to read about others and makes me aim to be better!! ;)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Now that was a beautiful act of kindness and a perfect lesson on helping others. Too bad she didn't win but I am sure the lesson was a better tool for her future.

That corgi :) said...

I like the kindness journal idea, Caroline! That is neat to get the kids thinking along those lines!

I think it was great how you presented the project for Thaniqua and her friend and how it turned out. I think it was a great learning experience for the two girls and although Thaniqua didn't win like she did last year, she won more in lessons learned for future events!

WTG with your thinking this throught like that!


Holly said...

i think you do a great job with your kids and teaching them to be kind

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