Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All My Children Together

Last fall I won a giveaway from

It was a $ 50 dollar gift certificate from My Forever Child. I was excited but just about a month ago I decided I better check on getting something from there.

Well this is what I decided on a lovely necklace with ALL MY CHILDREN'S birthstones. Ridge , Thaniqua , Jennifer , ^ Riley ^ , ^ Little Muffin ^ , Carly , ^ Sweetpea ^ & ^ Rosebud ^. It is so awesome & I haven't taken it off since I got it. So nice to have them all around my neck. I have a necklace that is just baby loss but nothing that included everyone. I love it.

Thanks so much to Kelly for doing the giveaway I will treasure it forever.

If you would like just click on the button below to check out everything they have. It is a great store.

Personalized Child Loss Keepsakes and Remembrance Jewelry



Trennia said...

Oh, Caroline I am so happy you won that $50!!!! and the necklace you choose is beatiful!

That corgi :) said...

What a great giveaway you won and what a wonderful necklace you bought with the winnings! I know you will treasure this always!


Tesha said...

Oh my goodness...I LOVE it! So very special.It feels so good when God blesses us!

Holly said...

Your necklace is beautiful!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is very beautiful. Congrats on winning it.

Deanna said...

How beautiful! Sue is literally a gem to work with. I am so happy you have something to honor all of your children. Hugs, dear friend!

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