Saturday, March 17, 2012

Basketball ?????? & Homesick ........

Well March Madness is going on but I'm not really into that ...........

I love High School basketball. Being really into sports like I am. I was a cheerleader in school but I really did like sports. My mom used to tell me she thought I enjoyed the short skirt more , Lol. It's funny now looking back at that.

Anyway .......

I come from a small school district where everyone almost knows everyone. A lot of kids grew up on farms so we just country kids. Our school was in the heart of Amish country too.

WEST HOLMES KNIGHTS , Millersburg , Ohio

Our school is best known for girls basketball. This a Huge reason why ......

In Van Reeth’s first season as head coach of the West Holmes girls in 1984, he won a state championship. The Knights finished 28-0 that season.

They wouldn’t lose for another two years.

From 1983 to 1986, Van Reeth guided West Holmes to three straight class AA state championships.

All three seasons, the Knights were 28-0.

Well it has been 17 yrs since the girls basketball team had been to Columbus , Ohio in the final four. I was so excited & yes I live in Nevada. A friend of mine from school gave me the link so I could listen to the game. Friday morning I faithfully listened just Carly & I ,so many memories & tears. They won to top it all , YES !!!!
I was so happy to listen almost 2500 miles away. Well this afternoon they played the final game but the outcome was different ...... they lost but no matter what they are state runner up in our Division II.

So tonight I'm so proud to be from such a awesome school & it was thrilling to listen. It did make me homesick but they played with everything they had and they did it together. Just one more awesome deal the coach today Lisa Patterson was a part of the team that won those three state titles back to back.

A Huge Congratulations Lady Knights , you will forever be Awesome to me.



Tesha said...

Caroline....homesick is a hard feeling. I am from TN. it's so hard to be so far away especially in crisis. I was a cheerleader also, I think my Mamaw said the same about the skirt,LOL.

Trennia said...

I am so sorry you feel so homesick.
I wish we lived closer together,I'm sure we'd have a blast talking...although I am not a talker in
I'm a college basketball fan...UofK
My hubby is a UofL fan and our kids are the same way some UofK and some house is surely divided when these two teams verse!Hope you get to visit your family soon,are you still coming in June? Now that I moved further south it maybe hard for us to meet up,but just so you know you and your family are welcome to our home anytime :)
Your family is always in our prayers,even though we don't know each other personally I feel like we do :)
We have a upstairs,first floor and full basement and 1/2 acer of land your kids and mine could play all day!Plus, I have a pool table in the basement we could shoot some pool.(((hugs)))

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