Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tonight Feelings Hurt

This a little long & this post isn't something I do a lot but I felt I needed to write & try to get my feelings out. Venting a lot so here goes.........

Tonight has been a lot for me. I have been upset & when it comes to the step-children I sometimes have to bite my tongue. I know that when I married Paul they are a part of our lives. I guess I just wish they made the move sometimes not always us first.

I seen this note below posted on Facebook a couple weeks ago. It really makes sense I feel.

I wasn't married to Ridge & Thaniqua's Father. We lived together & a part of me is glad we never married I went through quite a bit w/out all that too. I know that I always tried even though it was hard to tell my children that your Dad is a good person down deep. I know that even with there Father passing away two months ago I tried my hardest to always say something kind & loving. Just because we didn't get along I felt like they need to always feel loved by both of us. Even w/ the drugs & such I did my best. It wasn't til after he passed that I found out from his brothers that he was happy I made the choice to do what I did. So that means down deep he wasn't really trashing me either. We will be going home to Ohio soon for a visit & I'm not sure what will happen because the Ridge & Thaniqua I think were sorta looking forward to maybe seeing there Dad but I'm doing my best to help them through this.

The other reason is a month from today my step-son Paul's oldest is getting married. The kids are all excited about a wedding especially Jennifer & Thaniqua. Well I'm happy for them but I really don't know what to think of it all. Yes Justin told his Dad early about it & then Jennifer & Paul had birthday's never heard from him. Carly had a birthday never heard from him. We got our invite to the wedding. Jared had a birthday nothing ........

The biggest one was Father's Day no call email or letter. I know it hurt Paul but he never really said a lot.

So tonight Justin texted us wanted to know how many were coming ??? Paul sent it back plus he asked Justin if he sent invites to Paul's side of the family ?? We never heard anything back. Nice ??? We know the answer there was never any sent. It's sad & right now my husband is hurt. Yes his family is spread out & they are older but like we both said they might have got a card or maybe even a gift from them. It's not right they are family to. It really bothers me that Justin & Christy did this. I'm not judging but tonight I don't blame my husband for being upset. I only know that Paul said his x-wife would have it her way but it's just sad. Justin is a part of both of them.

We actually found out a month ago that his brother & another sister who asked us about the invite had got nothing.

So tonight I'm praying that God will help us all. A wedding is supposed to be a happy time. I just can't believe that this happened. Life is so very precious & its the little things that really matter.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

This is really sad. I feel for you and your husband. It just isn't right that he doesn't remember the important days. ((HUGS)) I hope things go well at the weddding for all of you. I love what that judge said. When I was divorced from my husband I made a point of not voicing my opinion on their father. Sure they saw me cry but I knew in my heart that if he was a jerk they would find that out in their own time.

That corgi :) said...

That is sad, Caroline. I'm sure it has to be hard for Paul. I know it is hard with divorce, but being pleasant to each other seems to be the best thing all around since there will be events like weddings, etc that will have the two former spouses together. It is sad that Paul's ex couldn't see this and chose to take the path she did with influencing her kids and not allowing them and encouraging them to remain contact with their dad and his side of the family.


Trennia said...

This is terrible.
It sounds like he only sent you guys an invite so it looks good on his part or so you all would just send a gift or money, how sad.(((hugs)))
I have seen my husband upset because of simulair situations,I understand.

Tesha said...

uuuggg sad and hard, Saying a prayer now!

Sarita Boyette said...

Yes, Caroline, this is so sad and I'm sorry your family is going through it. You did the right thing by never saying bad things about Thaniqua's & Ridge's dad. I only wish other parents who are not together would act the same way. Someway, somehow, I pray that the wedding will be a happy occasion and that none of you will be hurt further.
Hope your Mom is doing well - I've been praying for her. xoxo

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