Monday, July 23, 2012

One Week Left ........

Well here we are one week til school starts.

Six weeks passed by quickly but the girls are ready. Thaniqua & Jennifer both miss there friends. This year should be another fun one. Thaniqua is a fifth grader. She was chosen to be on the leadership team also. We are really excited for that. Thaniqua has been reading & very active at church also.

Jennifer is a third grader & starting the GATE program for advanced learners. I'm so very proud of her. Jennifer over the summer done a lot of reading. She recently finished the Hunger Games & Catching Fire. Those were two Huge books for her but she did fine. She is getting ready to start reading Mocking Jay next.

This school year has some changes the biggest one the kids have to wear uniforms. I'm not sold on it but I do see the good in it as far as bullying & pressure on what some students choose to wear. The uniform is a plain red , navy blue or white polo shirt. Uniform style pants , tan , black or navy blue. They can wear jeans fitted at the waste , no holes or rips. Shorts & skirts tan , black or blue & not short. I went to the meetings on this & I asked for jeans just because Jennifer still isn't a fan of snapping her pants yet & boys are hard on dress type pants at recess. So they can wear the pull up jeans as long as not tight or leggings. Even though Ridge is in middle school now I know how boys wear things out.

Also another big item is & it is sad , this could be the last year of year round school for us. The district does not want to do it after this school year. I'm hoping that we can change there minds on this. I went to two meeting & gave my opinion. I know when we moved here I didn't think I would like it year round but I feel all the children do so much better this way. I'm taking notes & doing a poll watching growth in some certain areas just hoping we can help them see the reason to not change. My kids all love it.

Well as for Ridge he is has to also wear uniforms but he does not start school until Aug 27th. He is nervous but ready for a Huge step Middle school.

Then there is Carly who tells us all the time I'm going to Kindergarten , not quite two more years. She probably could she knows so much from the others.

One week for my girls & we are excited.......... July 30th.



That corgi :) said...

How exciting with the upcoming school year, Caroline! I know all will do great! One day Carly will be walking so proudly into her kindergarten class (but we don't want to rush it yet :)

I do like the idea of uniforms only because it makes it so much more easier to get kids ready in the morning with limited choices and gosh also some of the outfits the girls wear here, I'd rather they wear a uniform indeed (short shorts)

I think it would be hard to revert back to a regular school system rather than year round if one has been on year round for a long time. People have gotten used to their time off like this, planning vacations for off times, etc. I do think kids do retain more info not having longer breaks for summer. It will be interesting to see what your school district decides.

Ridge will do great in middle school once he gets there! I know he'll be a big help at home in the meantime after the middle two go back to school :)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

We had just missed out on the year round schooling with our children. Often schools do that because they need to build more schools and I know at the time the government would not give money to help unless you did year round. I know the kids do better in year round but I have always enjoyed the long summers off.

I think the uniform is a great idea. Everyone is then equal and it should help with bullying.

Hope they have a great year and enjoy your last week!

Trennia said...

I don't like uniforms.My youngest two had all uniform and my middle child uniform shirt and jeans.The kids change out of their uniforms when they get home so they don't ruin them it adds more laundry.Julie got written up for not havinga belt and once for not having knee socks in the fall.I'm glad where we live now is and I hope it says uniform free.Also where w use to live kids could not wear any type of boots not even rain or snow.and the sad thing also is there are name brand stores that sale uniforms so kids will still be made fun of.We don't have year round here,but it sounds like a good idea for real...I hope you can change there minds there.I think Ridge will do great in middle school.It's funny Julie is in 5th grade and here they call it pre-middle! I hope everything works out for you all with school changes (((hugs))).My kids start Aug.1 so Elizabeth will only be 16 and a senior!...Lol...but Aug.2 she turns 17 and Sara turns 18 on Aug.8...time flies enjoy every moment.xoxo

SailorMoon said...

Long time reader, but wanted to chime in on uniforms. Small town in Texas but we have had them for years. Don't mind it at all. My kids can get ISS if they don't have a belt, which I think is extreme, but the intermediate keeps extras and that avoids some problems. Only iffy thing was with my 18 and 20 year old - when they graduate they really have "college clothes/regular dress" because they wear uniforms. We don't have year round school - but I think it would be a good thing. I think 3 months off is way too long. Counterproductive if you ask me.

SailorMoon said...

*no college clothes --

And when they get in middle/high school, they got to have the $90 hollister pants. It can get pricey even with uniforms!! ;)

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