Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th Carnival / Fireworks 2012

The park we live beside always has a carnival three times a year & the July 4th is one of them. We had the extra money so the kids got to go. I took the three older ones it has been so hot I didn't want Carly to over do it & plus 4 children to keep a eye is busy. Don't get me wrong I love it just so much to worry about these days. Its not like when I was growing up , Lol.

I took a few pictures but didn't get any of Ridge he was off w/ our landlords grandchildren & he took a liking to one of her granddaughter's BFF. That's all I will say she is cute & Ridge's age. They all had a good time.

Jennifer is not really a ride person for adult rides but she is so tall she wasn't able to ride some of the kiddie rides. I think that is a shame for the price you have to pay. She got brave & rode a few big ones but then I think she pushed herself with it all plus the hot weather. She had some tummy issues never got sick but Dad came & got her. She only missed the last hr and a half. I took her home some cotton candy & that really made her smile.

Just for the record I took Carly to the park earlier that morning while it was cool so everyone had a good time.

Sunset on the Fourth of July

Waiting on the fireworks ............

Yay Fireworks !!!!!!



That corgi :) said...

How cool with the fireworks; the waiting sometimes is the best part! Too cute about Ridge hanging out with his friends and taking a liking to someone. I totally agree with you, Caroline, it would be hard to keep track of four kids in a busy place like the carnival. When Carly gets older, it will be a lot easier indeed!


Trennia said...

It sounds and looks like alotta fun! That is an awesome firework picture, did your phone camera take that?

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