Monday, June 18, 2012

Viva De Loco Tostada

Wow two posts today I'm proud of myself , Lol
I had some free time and plus I decided to take some time or I was going to slip really behind.

I wanted to share about Thaniqua's classroom restaurant. This just one more reason I really loved the teacher she had this year. She really taught them so much. Hands on learning to was really awesome.

The name was " Viva De Loco Tostada "

As you can see below the menu the children made up with Mrs Berge's help.

The students all had different items that they were to supply for the day. They had time slots for the parents 11:30 , 12:00 & 12:30 to come in to eat w/ the student. I was also able to take Ridge & Jennifer along as my guests. Got them out of class they loved that. Each person eating was given a fake ten dollar bill. The children came & took your order served you & waited on you for drinks. They had water & lemonade. The tables had baskets of salsa & chips to munch on , Yummy stuff.

At the end of the meal you had to pay your bill the student had to go & get change from there cash register. They had a real one so the children could see how to work one. The change we could give them as tips. We also had a survey to fill out on a scale of poor to excellent.

It was really a good experience for them. They filled all the orders plus any mistakes they had to fix. Lots of learning from manners to math to food prep even though all the veggies & were cooked & chopped before hand. I must say the food was Awesome. So many parents agreed much better than Taco Bell. I myself was glad to see a lot of parents come in and support them in this. It was only for one day June 6th.

What a awesome idea Mrs Berge & thanks for a wonderful lunch.



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a fun/learning experience. I think your childrens school is pretty awesome.

Tesha said...


That corgi :) said...

This sounds cute; never heard of something like this being done in a school setting, but it sounds like a great learning experience!


Kristie said...

What a fun idea! Definitely a great learning experience too!

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