Monday, June 25, 2012

Messy Money Order

Wow what a stressful weekend & all over a money order ..............

Thursday evening Paul went to the bank to get our money order for the rent. They don't take checks at the office since to many were bad so everyone has to do it this way. We have never had any problems until Friday. Friday after lunch I went and paid the rent. I was in a rush & so was the landlord so we didn't chat to long.

Later that afternoon I got a phone call from Paul telling me the landlord had called him a work & told him her bank bag had got stolen from her truck. I called the bank to find out how to stop the payment of the money order. I found out so Paul said he would stop by on his way home. It turned out the bank said it was up to the landlord to do it since she was the person who had it. paul got the number for her to call & talked to her about it. So the weekend passed & this morning I asked if she had called. She didn't really say but I didn't think she had. It wasn't just our money order it was another couple just moving in & another man. She had altogether almost five thousand dollars. Here she never even called the police either. I came home & did a little bit on the computer & called the bank. So later today after Paul got off of work we spent almost two hrs at the bank.

I'm happy after taking the time to check on it all we are safe. We have a new money order , got charged a fee for stopping the payment which the landlord told us we would be refunded for. I'm so thankful God was watching over it all. No one cashed the money order or if they had the bank could not have helped us. It's so much harder to stop a money order than a check. Paul & I also can't believe that she never called the cops at all.

So very thankful once again for God watching over the whole Messy Money Order Deal.


Holly said...

the landlord should've called the police and reported it. sounds like she didn't really want to do much about it

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad you got that worked out but she should have called the police right away. I wonder why she didnt'!

That corgi :) said...

That is interesting she didn't call the police; I would have thought that's the first thing she would have done. I am glad it all worked out and you'll get the fee refunded to you, but boy what a hassle!!


Trennia said...

That sounds fishy she didn't call the police!?!
Glad it all worked out for your family,hope it all works out for the other's too.

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