Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This is Amazing

Some of you might have seen this video already but this is so Amazing. I'm also from Ohio so it really means a lot. The best part of this her parents really raised her well. I'm so glad to see someone doing something nice instead of always hearing the bad things.

Columbus, Ohio. June 2, 2012-- Girl's State Track & Field Championship. With less than 100 meters to finish in the girls 3200 meter race, runner Arden McMath collapsed on the track. She tried to get up, but collapsed to all fours again.

West-Liberty Salem's Meghan Vogel could have taken the opportunity to pass her--but she didn't.

Meghan stopped, helped Arden to her feet and literally carried her the last 30 meters across the finish line.

She also made sure that Arden crossed the line before her, even though it meant that she finished dead last in the race.

With all the pessimistic news surrounding the youth of America lately, it's the kids like this that restore my faith and give me hope for the future.

It's the kids like this that deserve the headlines & the attention.



Shauna said...

Thank you for sharing this--it brought happy tears to my eyes!

Tesha said...

So touching, I had not seen it :)

Trennia said...

Brought tears to our eyes thank you for sharing!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That made me cry. I wish more people would have hearts like that!

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