Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today I was a pretty happy Mom !!!

I try to be everyday but some days it is better to just put that smile on & do the best I can.

Today was lunch bunch day at school. I love going spending time w/ my kids. Sometimes I do the one on one on there day they have set a side but today I did all three children. Jennifer eats at noon , Ridge eats at 12:30 & Thaniqua eats at 12:45. Ridge has band on his lunch recess so I had been outside with Thaniqua. I came in & of course Ridge was w/ his friends & some girls :) . I gave him a couple extra snacks & talked. I went to get up & Ridge stood up & gave me a hug & kiss. I was shocked. Most of the kids at the table said Ridge you still kiss your Mom. Ridge said I Love My Mom & she took time out of her day just to see me. I love my boy !!

Last Thursday morning I had to speak to another teacher about Ridge's payment for his upcoming trip. When I was walking down the hall we met a few teachers , then we met a sub teacher who knew the girls. Ridge was outside with his friends. We talked & Mrs P went on to tell me she didn't know Ridge was my son. She told me when she was subbing for his class about six weeks ago Ridge along with a few others had been talking so she had to get after them. That day after class was over Ridge went up & told her he was sorry for talking. She was shocked that a student would say anything being that she was just a sub. I was very proud of him , she told me you should be. I guess she even told the office that day she was so blown away.

So being a parent is tough at times & times I wonder if those kids are really listening to us. After hearing something like that makes me Smile :)


Tesha said...

Oh I just know that made you proud!!! You are such a good mommy :) I love to read about how much you love and support your kids.

Holly said...

What a sweet and well mannered young man! No doubt you are proud of him and all your girls too!

That corgi :) said...

Wonderful reasons to smile, Caroline! It is great that teachers take the time to relay stories about Ridge and the girls to you too so you can hear how your parenting is working (which is working great by the way!!!) How fun to have lunch with them all (at various times of course :)

enjoy the day!


Linda said...

You are such a good mommy Caroline! I am glad you had these reasons to smile, and to have a happy day!

I would be proud of Ridge too. How wonderful that he hugged and kissed you in front of his friends! That is wonderful. AND then to say that he loves his mom and that she took time to come to school for lunch! Wow! So wonderful! Also nice that he said he was sorry for talking in class. That's great!

I think it is great that the school encourages parents to join the students for lunch! I love how involved you are at their school.

Have another great day today my friend.

Love, Linda

Trennia said...

That is awesome,Caroline!
You are such a great mom!

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