Thursday, April 12, 2012

Break Almost Over ~ Really .........

Wow I can hardly believe I'm typing this but we have tomorrow Friday & then Saturday & Sunday then it is back to school. Our three week break is over .................. but I know the kids are ready. They miss there friends and teachers. Ridge told me last night that he really missed his teacher can't wait to see her. I'm glad to hear that.

Well I still have them read over the break at least 30 minutes a day. Most of the time they just do it on there own. This is a few of the pics I snapped while over the three wks. We had birthdays to celebrate & such so it has been fun but most of all we were together just hanging out.

I'll miss them being home but I think we are all ready. It's gonna go fast school is out June 14th & of course Ridge will be graduating to Middle school. I'm happy but sad my son is growing up. It's a part of life but he does make me proud all of them do.

Oh yes I do have to share this , Carly was looking out the window & she said " Mom there is a couple birds outside . " I looked and sure enough there was. I asked her Carly how many is a couple ???? She said " Two ,, Mommy " I was surprised she knew. Pretty good for almost being three.



Tesha said...

Awesome for almost three...she is smart:) I love the sweet pics It look like your kids really love each other. So sweet.

Trennia said...

Glad yo all had a great funfilled break! I'm happy they look forward to going back my kids just went back this past monday and they already look forward to next month because it starts summer break here!
I love all your pictures and Carly is a very smart girl!

That corgi :) said...

Good concept for Carly to get down with a couple!! WTG Carly!! Such greta pictures of them all! It is hard to imagine those three weeks are almost winding down. You'll blink and it will be June 14 :)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That went by quickly!!! Looks like they had some fun times. Hope school goes well for them tomorrow.

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