Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Weeks To Go ...........

This morning as I sit here and type I can't believe how fast time marches on. I know it does though by being a Mom and watching a child grow and grow. Plus adding all the other areas of life.

This morning the kids are still in bed and I'm enjoying the quiet. Paul is awake and getting ready for work. The news is on and it's peaceful but I know not for long. I love the noise of our home.

Soon it will be more than noise it will back to school in TWO WEEKS. I will be busy running here and there. School things going on , meetings to attend but you know I love that life and I guess I feel like the kids too. I miss being busy. This yr is alot to take in. I have a 5th grader this year. Ridge will go to middle school next year. Wow !!!!!! Where did my first child go ?????

This year makes me think to how I should have had my sweet Riley who lives in Heaven starting Kindergarten. I also should have been having a new baby in two weeks plus all the others. So much the what if's but you know it is just like God has planned for us. So I'm going to enjoy our last two weeks of being a little relaxed.

This morning after breakfast we are off to the library for more books to return and more to get. Just enjoying our time together. The kids are more than ready for school to start. I'm glad they all feel that way.


That corgi :) said...

It is good that they like school so much, Caroline. I know I said that before, but it is a good feeling that you don't have to "drag them" so to speak to go back but they are looking forward to going back! You have a good attitude about being grateful for what you have; I know you miss the little ones that should have been there though, but do enjoy the lazy hazy days of summer that are left!


Natasha said...

Thinking of you and your little ones......

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Really, only two weeks left. Are you on year round schooling?

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