Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Rainbow Baby Rodeo

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Our little well not so little Rainbow is growing up.

Last Sunday evening I took the kids to the school playground to have some fun.

Carly went down the slide by herself quite a few times. We helped her up ladder but she did the rest alone , Yay !!!

We even got brave and put her in a big kid swing and even though we pushed her she wasn't scared. She never fell out.

We had fun and so hard to believe she is two years old and doing so many huge things. We love you Little Miss Carly !!!


Kristin said...

She's such a sweetie!!! :)

Holly said...

Love you Carly!

That corgi :) said...

so very cute and so cool trying new things!! soon Carly you'll be pumping yourself on the swings flying so very high!!

(saw her cute little Crocs :)


Linda said...

Carly is adorable! I know you all enjoy her so much!

Once A Mother said...

carly is adorable. thank you so much for sharing these special moments with us on the rodeo!

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