Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 Days Down

Well school has started for the gang. Lots of smiles, happy moments , meeting new friends.

We have two days in , Yay !!! The kids have awesome teachers. I had lots of paperwork to fill out last night. They might all attend the same school but everyone has there own forms. Anyway the kids are super happy to be back. There is only one person that might not like it. Little Miss Carly , this morning I walked the kids to school & of course Carly in the stroller. Well she cried when she couldn't go with them. She misses them at home & yells down the hallway for them. I know give her a bit and she will get used to it again. This morning Carly took a short nap and I was cleaning. The house was so quiet. I'm glad for it all. They were bored and ready to go back. I was ready too.

I'm excited to see them grow & blossom even more.


Linda said...

Blogger is eating my comments...they keep disappearing! (;>)

My youngest always enjoyed our time together when her older sisters were at school. She liked to go to the "doughnut store"...and the "park!"

Carly will fall back into her routine with mommy son!

Love, Linda

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