Tuesday, November 3, 2009

* Grief Through A Child's Eyes *

I have to say this was a sorta tough one. About a week and a half ago my son Ridge came out from school and had this not so happy look on his face. I asked him did you not have a good day. He just looked at the ground, not like my boy at all. We can usually talk about anything. We were walking home and the girls were going on about there day at school and trying to talk at the same time. I pushing the stroller looked at Ridge so quiet not even taking a bite of his snack. I usually give them a snack to eat while walking home. I asked do you not feel good and no answer. We kept walking and after we crossed at the light I looked again and there was a tear on Ridge's cheek. I stopped the stroller and said Ridge what is wrong ? He unzipped his backpack and handed me a note.

It read Grandpa Phil passed away Sunday afternoon at 2pm. He was sick and developed pneumonia, his body was just too tired. His greatest joy was working with all the students. School counselors have talked to the children but they may have some questions at home.

Grandpa Phil was a retired volunteer that came into Ridge's class and a couple other classes & read to the children, helped them w/ spelling words or whatever the need was. Ridge had told me he had a bad cold and that they had made cards for him. We didn't have much more to walk so I hugged Ridge and told him as soon as we got home we would sit down and talk.

We got home and got things settled down and I told Ridge we can talk now if you feel like it. We talked the teacher at school had done a great job but Ridge said he didn't wanta cry at school but he felt sad. I told him it's ok and it's not good to keep feelings inside. He really handled the whole thing well.
The children in his class decided to make a big poster for his wife to keep w/ all there pictures on it and each student wrote a short memory of that something special they liked about "Grandpa Phil ".

I think it was just really neat at how well Ridge handled it. Just today Ridge was still talking a little to me about it and he said Mom even when I get bigger it's still gonna be there in my head and I'm always going to care. I told him no matter how many yrs or days go by the memories will still be there. He will always have a special place in your heart. A few tears fell down his cheek and Ridge got down on his knees and prayed.

Grandpa Phil I know your with Jesus but I miss you. I know one day I will see you again.


Just Breathe said...

I love that you were able to talk with him. Your a good mother.

Lea said...

It is amazing how our little guys internalize grief, isn't it. Bless his little heart. Keep talking... that's the only way to do it.

Holly said...

Your Ridge is just so sweet and special! I'm sorry that Grandpa Phil had to go. :( He sure sounds like a wonderful man.

Trennia said...

bless his heart...death is so hard on little one's...I know this first handed.Of course it's very hard on us sorry Ridge you had to experince this difficult thing.

SayRah said...

What a wonderful Mom you are---Ridge will remember that, too!
Bless his heart, that made me wanna cry!
It's so funny how people come in and out of our lives, and we don't really know the effect they sometimes have on us until they are no longer in our lives.
((hugs & blessings))

Franchesca Cox said...

Oh, Caroline, this is so heart-breaking! Your son has such a tender heart. It's just precious that he loved Grandpa Phil this much.


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