Sunday, November 1, 2009

* A Nice Surprise *

Well a side from my last post on a brighter note.........

My husband Paul called me from work Saturday afternoon and said I might be done by 4pm. I thought that's great, he has been working 11 hrs a day all wk. The money is good but it's hard on all of us. The older kids think they can get away with it all or try to cause Dad isn't home. I guess if I was there age I might too, LOL. Well it ended up he got done at 5:30 which was still good. He was supposed to work today Sunday BUT he didn't have to. It was nice just to have him home. Our Jennifer came running in our room this morning and yelling it sounded like, I'm hungry. Then she said Mommy your Little Muffin is awake. I said what are you talking about & she still said your Little Muffin. Here she was talking about Carly. That girl comes up w/ more names for that baby all the time.

We went to church and then had lunch, watched NASCAR my hubby hates to miss that. I got stuff ready for another busy wk. We ran to Walmart for a few things. Kids had a birthday party next door to go to. We had pizza for supper and I got out of cooking.
It was just nice to spend a little time together. I'm sure he will be back at it again this coming week and I will be the Mom and Dad, LOL. Hoping everyone has a great week to.


Momma Morgan said...

That's great that he got to come home early and you got to spend some time with them. It's so funny how they (husbands) can get on our nerves sometimes, but then there are times when you truly want them near.

April said...

It's nice when the weekend turns into a pleasant surprise you weren't expecting. I know your husband must have enjoyed the time as well.

I was going to say too, those hangings you made for Holly with her children's name of them, were just so thoughtful and sweet! What a nice idea.

Trennia said...

How sweet!
I love togetherness with my hubby too!

Franchesca Cox said...

It's so nice to get to spend time together, I am so glad you'll got this time. That's hilarious how your Jennifer comes up with names for Carly - Little Muffin - that's so adorable!

Holly said...

I'm glad that he got to come home early and not work Sunday!! Anth watched the race too. He wasn't too happy that Gordon didn't finish well.

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