Monday, November 9, 2009

* The Power Of Prayer *

WOW the Power of Prayer.

It has been a amazing Monday.

God is sooooo great and sooooo good.

I started following MckMama when I first started blogging. In the Spring Stellan had a scare and it was great and amazing to see the Lord at work.

Today was a little different, I have been praying hard everyday since the night before his birthday. I have been reading her blog faithfully everyday and so much into it I made little orange ribbons for my children to wear on there coats since his birthday with knowing that this trip to Boston had to happen. At breakfast this morning we all prayed together as a family for this little boy Stellan and his family. All day off and on as soon as I had a chance I waited to hear updates. Then when I got home from getting my kiddos from school, I found out that our mighty God and the power of prayer had worked. It gave me chills just to know that they had hit a home run.

I could feel God all day and it's so great that no matter what we face he is there and so ready to help us. I know to that sometimes things in life don't always turn out on the good side but that same God that was with Stellan today and seen him through is there for all of us even in the bad times. I am proud to say that I'm a christian and I know who God is and this past yr my walk has gotten alot stronger with him.

I just wanta say thank-you God and you are soooooo good. I know whatever the battle life throws at me you are there to carry us through.

God is amazing !! His power and might never cease to amaze me. Praise God.

Prayers for Stellan


Just Breathe said...

Beautiful. I to have been following MckMama and Monday was an awesome day, showing the power of prayer and keeping Stellan safe.

Holly said...

The power of prayer IS amazing!!

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