Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Thoughts

Wishing all of my babyloss mother friends around the world a peaceful International Bereaved Mothers Day.

You are a beautiful Mother !!

Last night I ran across this while on Pinterest. I haven't had time lately for much but last night I was in the mood to do some writing. This quote really touched my heart.

Since today is the day set aside to remember the Mother's who have lost child or children I was thinking ....... thinking of how far I have came since that day Feb 10 , 2006 when I had my first miscarriage. I remember what some people said to me that it was a mistake. It was better it happened , something must have been wrong. True something could have been wrong but that baby was a life just as you or I .

So today after losing four children it was no mistake. Yes it hurts & something that I thought would never ever happen to me. Yes it did but yet I'm still breathing still standing & being that Mom who doesn't have all her children. I'm alive & yes God is still just as I know even though those rocky days watching over me.

It was no mistake my child's short life is written down & they are waiting in Heaven.
I thank God for all those I have met online through blogging & helping each other through the rough days & good days on this journey as a bereaved Mother.

Yesterday my sweet & wonderful friend Franchesca launched a new online magazine called Still Standing , embracing life after loss & infertility.

This a piece Fran wrote , I so love it.

"In a moment death won. Motherhood felt like a cruel joke that had been dangled in front of my eyes only to be yanked from my grasp much too soon. Prayers felt like they were hitting a brass ceiling. Heaven had to be real, it just had to. But in this moment, it felt like a figment of my imagination. The grave mocked me.
And all innocence was gone in this world where children die.
In that moment that death won, a promise was made in my heart to never to let her name memory fade. She was incredible and I wanted the world to know it.
The resilience that I have witnessed, not only in my own heart, but in the company of other bereaved mothers, and women who have suffered from infertility… is contagious, powerful, moving.
When I look through pictures of those early days of grief, I am amazed that I have survived. And not by anything that I have done, by any means. But it is incredible that anybody could survive the aftermath of grief and losing a child.
For a long time that is what it felt like though – that I was merely surviving.
And sometimes that is all you can do. But maybe you’re like me, and you just want to smile again and not feel that tinge of guilt for a moment of happiness.
Making the plunge to embrace life after loss is an inward battle I have found in my own heart.
But I cannot let death win. Not today. It has already taken so much.
This is my heart’s dream, that I hope might spill into yours.
Life is a gift. And the truth is, if you’ve suffered loss, infertility or both, and reading this… you are still standing in the midst of the aftermath.
And if you are here, you must know that you are not standing alone."~ Franchesca Cox~

Please check out this new magazine gonna be great.



Tesha said...

Beautiful post sweet mama, remembering your sweet babies with you!

Annmarie Pipa said...

It is good to be able to have someone to share feelings and experiences with..her last line affirms that.
thank you for bringing this to attention.

That corgi :) said...

Wow what Fran wrote; that really touched my heart. hugs to you all, Caroline. Also good reminder for those of us who are trying to "comfort" BLM's to make sure we say words of comfort and not words that bring more sadness to an already sad event.


Deanna said...

Hugs to you!

Trennia said...

Beautiful post,Caroline!
remembering your sweet babies (((hugs)))

Debby@Just Breathe said...

((HUGS))to you. Beautiful post. I love the photo and I love what Franchesca wrote. I did sign up for the magazine. She does amazing projects.

Sarita Boyette said...

Caroline, I didn't forget about you yesterday. Somehow, I just couldn't face IBMD. I love you & send prayers up for all of the Croley gang. xoxo

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