Monday, May 14, 2012

Ridge's 5th Grade Trip

Well Ridge is growing up & also taking his first trip w/out us.
Tomorrow Ridge is going on his 5th grade trip Science Camp in Portola CA. The place they are going is Sierra Nevada Journeys Outdoor School. It is exactly 70 miles from here will be staying at a really nice place. So the weather looks to be great while they are there. He will be gone Tues thru Friday. Returns early Friday afternoon.

It is a Huge step for both of us. Ridge has never been that far away from me , I know he is in good hands too. The school has lots of fun things planned. I'm really excited for him.

I also got his Spring Pictures Friday. Turned out so Awesome. My boy is def growing up.

I just had to post this picture while I was packing somethings for Ridge , Little Miss Carly got so quiet , guess she decided to try out Ridge's new sleeping bag.
Too cute , I know she will miss him too.



Debby@Just Breathe said...

He is going to have a great time. It's okay to let them spread their wings. Actually some of my proudest moments as a mom was watching my children become young adults.
Carly looks so darn cute. I guess the bags is a winner!

That corgi :) said...

He'll have such a great time! Its neat that he'll be going on a trip like this for school because I think they always keep a good eye out for the kids too. I bet the time will fly by for him and he'll come home with wonderful stories to share with you all.

He is a handsome young man!

Ms. Carly is sooo cute :)


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