Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Carly's 3rd Birthday & A Crash

Here's a picture of Carly's birthday cake. I made it just a simple one & some her favorite Nick Jr friends were on there. She was happy & she even blew all the candles out herself. She def is a big girl.

We had pizza for supper since that seems to be her favorite right now. It was a happy time.

Happy Birthday Carly Lorraine......... :)

Well before the party started about 2pm Jared & kids went to the park while I finished frosting her cake & such. Thaniqua was at church til 4 so it was Ridge , Jared , Jennifer & Carly at the park. It was about 3pm went Ridge came running through the door & said I crashed my scooter. Oh my goodness what a mess he was , Thank God he was ok. He was riding the scooter and hit a raised part of the sidewalk & over the handle bars he went. Lots of scrapes & a really bad sprained right hand. The worst part he even chipped his one front tooth. Well needless to say I was so happy nothing was broke & it didn't happen in front of a car. It could have been worse. So of course he won't forget Carly's 3rd birthday , none of us will.

He just went back to school today his arm in a sling for a couple weeks. Ridge my real tough boy always being on the rough side well I think this is the worst accident so far. We are just thankful he is ok. It was really something yesterday when Ridge was home from school Carly said Mommy I'm gonna check on Ridge you stay in the kitchen I can handle it. I guess she really is grown up, Lol. It was such a precious moment.


Tesha said...

Oh I just love birthday how sweet...a little bittersweet, I wish they could stay small :)

That corgi :) said...

Too funny about Carly going to check in on Ridge; she's one smart little cookie!! Too bad about the accident though, but I'm glad it wasn't a worse injury! Sounds like it was a great birthday for Carly; cute cake!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Pizza and cake sound like a fun celebration! So sorry about Ridge but thankfully he will heal and be okay. ((HUGS))

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