Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap - Up

Wow , My blog I have missed you ...............

I enjoy writing and things just seems like I can't never fine enough hrs in the day for everything. Oh well here goes a little catch up of this past weekend.

For starters it was a three day weekend & I was excited. I had HUGE plans for Ridge & Thaniqua. I know they weren't as happy as me but I 'm proud to said We are finished. I planned on working w/ the kids on there Science Fair experiments . Thaniqua's little friend who also had one to do. I told her to come over & we would help her out too. She stayed overnight last night & this morning we finished all three of them completely. It is a lot of work & the school really doesn't have a lot of time to spend on them since they are pushed with other subjects. It's really the parents & child's project. It does count as a HUGE part of the grade for this quarter. I'm just glad we are done. Grades 3 thru 5 have to do one each year. Jennifer lucked out , her class does one as a whole group. Yay !!!

I do have to say everyone is better & we have a little cough still but things are good.
This is sorta funny , Jennifer missed 6 days when she was sick. I picked up her work & such. Her reading teacher was really nice & kept me updated so Jennifer would not fall behind since they were starting a new book. Well Jennifer read & read , the day she went back was her test on this book. Next day they got there scores Jennifer got 100 on both & did the best in the class. Her teacher said I guess I might as well quit teaching if the person that did the best wasn't even here. It was funny , we were very proud that she really studied hard while being off. Yay for Jennifer !!

Also today Paul had the day off and he got a phone call from his oldest son Justin. He hardly ever calls us. Well of course it was important he is getting married sometime in August. So I'm happy that means a trip to Ohio. I'm also happy for Justin & Christy

Here is there Christmas picture.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.



Holly said...

that's wonderful they are getting married! :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They look so cute together. We have a family wedding this year in Illinois and I can't wait to go.
I remember those darn Science projects. I know they are good for the kids to do but OMG they were always a lot of work for me too!

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