Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sickness Again ............ :(

Well I have been on a little vacation from my computer.

I miss my blog and I love to write but that terrible word SICKNESS came to visit us.

It all started a week ago today Jennifer started running a fever. I kept her home the rest of the week from school. Finally by Saturday I was tired of trying to make her better so off we went to the Dr. Well she had strep throat then on top of that she was cutting her 7 year molars. So the we got meds & tried keeping her fever cool.

Then on Monday Carly was sick fever & slept most of the day. Tuesday was Thaniqua's turn fever & sleeping. More medicine & TLC.

Ridge had a cold but this week was 5th grade state writing exams so he is taking his meds & still able to attend school. I really didn't want him to miss that it is tough to have to make those up.

So I'm really hoping everyone will be back in school tomorrow. Carly was only sick a day just has a cough. Jennifer has a yucky cough & so does Thaniqua. Thaniqua also can't talk but hoping she will by the end of the day.

Here are a few pics I snapped .......

Carly sleeping

Jennifer feeling better

One part of being a Mom I dislike watching your child be sick & not much you can do. One other note the kids really hardly get sick they say this winter has been hard. I also don't do the flu shot but they said it doesn't matter if you do or not this year.

Hoping your all staying well this winter. Spring can come anytime for me. :)


Holly said...

Ugh. I dislike sickness! Hoping everyone is feeling better soon!

Linda said...

I remember how hard it is to have sick kiddos. Sorry Caroline...I sure hope everyone will be feeling better real soon!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your poor babies. It's just a chain reaction when someone brings it home. ((HUGS))

Trennia said...

Bless their hearts...praying everyone a quick recovery!

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