Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Happy Valentine's Day was sooooooo nice .

My husband & I don't go all out but like my husband says everyday should be Valentine's Day. We really don't get each other things but we usually do something as a family. Over the weekend we got Pizza. It was such a nice treat. I was so tired of cleaning after all the sickness and it made me a nice break , plus everyone else.

I did get some beautiful White Roses.

Yesterday was my lunch buddy day w/ Jennifer at school. So I went & had lunch with her. We had a good time.

After our lunch I waited for Ridge to get done with band so he could give his GF flowers at lunch. It was all his idea. He wanted to so we let him. This is the same girl that invited Ridge to her birthday party last yr. She is so sweet & they are both in the same grade. I think he really shocked her but she was happy.

Here is a couple pictures ~

The kids had parties at school at the end of the day & lots of candy & goodies.

Late last evening my Mom called to tell me a friend of mine a classmate I went to school with , his son who was 17 yrs old was killed in a car accident. It happened yesterday morning on his way to school. Not sure of the cause yet. Please keep this family in your prayers. My heart is so sad for them.

Going to try to catch up on some blog reading tonight I'm sooooooooooooo behind.


Trennia said...

so sorry to hear about your friends son...glad to hear you had a nice valentine's day.the white roses are beautiful.

NewYearMum said...

Happy Valentines Day... sounds like a lovely day for you all :) So sorry to hear about your friend... my heart goes out to them xoxo

Holly said...

Beautiful flowers! :) sounds like you had a good Vday.

Prayers for this family

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