Wednesday, August 10, 2011

VBS Closing Program

Tonight was the closing program for VBS at our church. This year they did it a little different and I really liked there idea too. They had Bible school every Wednesday evening instead of everyday for only a week. They were able to spend more time on each lesson plus include some xtra fun crafts along the way.

They also done something else that was really neat. Every Wednesday they asked each child to bring a can of food for the needy. They ended up with over 500 cans of food. I thought that was just awesome.

So tonight the children did the whole service tonight on different things they learned and Bible verses. Lots of fun singing and such. It was great.

I didn't get many pictures but did get one of Jennifer holding up a sign about a Bible story they learned.

Yay for a wonderful summer learning more about Jesus.



Sarita Boyette said...

Some of my fondest summer memories were of VBS. Spreading it out that way is a good idea.
Glad you are getting to walk a lot. I love the beautiful angel necklace you got. xoxo

Holly said...

I loved VBS as a kid. so much fun!

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