Thursday, May 28, 2009


This past weekend was so tough for me. I have been thinking alot about my Father & some other people that have passed away. I miss my Dad so much. We were really close & I could talk to him about anything. I guess the weekend being Memorial Day when people go to the graves to plant flowers & visit really got to me. I live in Nevada & I just can't do that anymore. My sister & brother do it now cause it used to always be my job. My brother told me something really neat that they did at my Dad's this year was put those solar lights that you can put in flower beds or along walkways. How cool , I can't wait til whenever I go back home to visit I bet it will look so AWESOME !!!!!
I have some close friends that have passed away & just the weekend gets to me. I'm doing better & I ran across this saying even though some of the people that passed away weren't old , it still seems like God takes the best. I bet to his garden is so beautiful. I just thought this was so neat & I just wanted to share it.


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