Sunday, May 10, 2009


Thanx for all the wishes & that. It was a trip & a half. I went to the Doc Appt & was 4 cm & she told me , I would probably go Wed nite or Thurs. I came home at 10am gave the girls a bath there wasn't any school that day.I got there clothes all ready for school the next 2 days. I did one load of clothes & at 12:30 I started having some light contractions. By 2:30 they were very hard & I almost felt like pushing. I got nervous cause it was just me & the 3 kids. I called my hubby & told him to come home fast. We left the kids at the neighbors & off we went. Got to the hospital at 3:20 & they got me all hooked up. The lady tried to tell me my contractions weren't that bad. I was laying there & finally she checked me & I was a 6cm & a full bag. So how they finally decide to admit me, WOW !!!!!! I had to walk down a big hallway & get in bed. By the time they did all that another nurse checked me it's 4:50 or so. I was 8cm & ready & no Dr yet. I told them that I go really fast once I start & well I guess no one believed me. My hubby thought he was going to deliver her. At 5:30 my Dr shows up & can't believe it was going down so fast. Well she checked me & told me if I wanted to push I could & I did a couple times & water broke & they didn't have the bed torn apart yet & baby was on her way. I had her at 6pm & the nurse & my hubby had to help with my legs cause they didn't have the bed ready but I tried to tell them. Anyway things went great & Carly was perfect. She even looked at me & smiled. The nurses talked all nite at how fast it all happened. Anyway they sent me home yesterday at 11:30 am & baby Carly wasn't even a day old yet. I was happy to be here. But what a story I just had to share. Just glad I left home when I did. Or the kids day off of school might have been delivering there sister, LOL. It's funny now but not at the time. Thanx again for being there 4 me. Caroline



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