Monday, January 14, 2013

Walking With You ~ Intro and Where we are Now ....

I have been a part of Walking with You before & I'm back again. I really enjoy Kelly & all she does. 

To start off my name is Caroline Croley , 48 yrs old . I'm married to a wonderful man Paul. 

I'm a Mommy to four wonderful blessings on Earth 
Ridge Logan ~ 12 yrs old

Thaniqua Marie ~ 10 yrs old

Jennifer Lynn ~ 8 yrs old

Carly Lorraine ~ 3 yrs old

Then I'm also blessed with four wonderful blessings that live in Heaven. I never got the chance to meet them , all were miscarriages. 

Riley ~ Feb 10 ,2006  12 wks

Little Muffin ~ Dec 1 , 2007 8 wks

Sweetpea ~ Jan 6 . 2011  12wks

Rosebud ~ Dec 28, 2011  7 wks 

So  now I'm what I always wanted to be in the whole world a Mom. I was always told I would never be able to carry a child but I did that & I also have lost. I'm stronger now and I believe & trust God through this journey. I also have the promise of Heaven & spending forever with all my children. 



Holly said...

So glad you are joining in! Love to you and all your sweeties!

Kayla Yow said...

So glad you are walking this journey with us! I cannot wait to read more of your posts!

Jennifer Ross said...

I guess God showed who was boss, when it came to giving you children, huh!?

So blessed to have you in my life Caroline!! :)

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Hi there sweet Caroline (sang in the song just now). So glad you are joining in with Walking With You. Love to you, and your precious babies...on earth and in heaven.

April said...

I love the way you named all of your sweet babies and how you share your children here on earth with us. Your photos are so fun to look at.

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