Monday, April 27, 2009


Wow I guess that's all I can say. I have mixed emotions today. I woke -up today & in tears thinking somehow I hardly felt pregnant. Today was my due date & I was so hoping to have my baby. This is the first pregnancy that I have been to a Dr for everything. I guess I'm sorta upset & disappointed that things didn't happen. Baby is still moving I guess it's just not time yet. I have been walking & trying different things to try to start things but nothing seems to work, I talked to my Mom & she told me to try not to stress to much that when baby is ready she will be here. I guess I'm just excited to meet our little girl. If I don't have her by Wedesday Morning I will have another Dr Appt. My Dr wants to induce & I had my other children natural & I would like to do that again. I'm hoping since I am dialating that she will let me go another week. I took a walk after supper & I had a few contractions but they have sorta quit again. So I guess it's more waiting & hoping it's soon.


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