Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jennifer's 9th Birthday

Well we have been on a roll with birthdays at our home but I love it. Lots of cake & yummy things but I'm a firm believer in everyone gets something special of there own. 

I love to make the kids cakes or whatever they choose. I can remember my Mom always baking my birthday cakes. It was always such a treat because she took the time to make it special for me. So I do the same for my children. 

So for Jennifer's birthday she wanted a chocolate cake.  I had been on Facebook a few days before & saw this beautiful Sunflower cake. 

So I tried it & it was perfect & yummy !!!

Jennifer also had her first very own friend stay overnight. It was great & she was excited. Her friend wanted to take some cake home the next day so I gave her the rest of it for her family.

Happy Happy Birthday Jennifer !!! Nine years old & so very very blessed.  April 2nd 2004.

Jennifer also is doing very well in school this year like always I'm so proud to have her for a daughter.

Speaking of school the girls return tomorrow after being off for a three week break. I think they are ready to go back too.



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer. Love the cake!

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